The myth behind Rekorderlig

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October 18, 2012 by melodicmatter

Rekorderlig is one of the biggest selling cider brands in the world, making the independent company the most recognised Swedish global brand after Ikea.  Loved by many casual cider drinkers it has been vilified by real cider clubs and associations as an artificial, processed type of alcopops, no more natural than a Bacardi Breezer.

Real cider is made from real apples or pears, not like mainstream cider brands, where the cider is produced from processed concentrate, which is heated, sterilised and sweetened to produce a palatable but bland taste.   Rekorderlig is one of the worst offenders.  The tagline on the bottle highlights the quality water used in the drink, fresh Scandinavian spring water. However, that is all well and good, but when the rest of the drink is pumped  with: citric acid, flavour acidity, caramel colouring and E preservatives, the source of the water is a little superfluous.  Of course, one could argue, that even real, naturally made alcoholic drinks are quite often injected with carbon dioxide or sulfur dioxide to preserve the drink, but the real bone of contention is what constitutes for the main ingredient in the drink.   In wine it is grapes, in beer it is grain, usually malt, in cider it is apples.  Not in a Rekorderlig!  Along with carbonated water, the other main ingredient is apple and pear wine, not even apple juice.  So the wine has already been fermented and concentrated to a higher alcohol to make fruit wine, which is more often than not used to add to food while cooking.

Real Cider may often look cloudy, be less gassy and have a strange odour, but like anything with texture and depth it takes a little getting used to.  It may not be as bright and bubbly as a Rekorderlig but keep drinking it and it will keep on rewarding, in taste and in health.


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